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Monica Walker

Posted on April 04 2018

Often times, I tell someone that Maddox has Autism and the response I get is...”My good friend, or relative has a child with autism”... and I often times wonder if they assume that all people with autism are the same? If they think Maddox is similar to the child or person they are familiar with? I can’t say I didn’t think the same thing before we joined the “autism community”, but now I know that not one person with autism is the same or has the same exact makeup as the next. One reason for this is comorbitity. Nearly 75% of children with autism also have another condition, be it medical or psychological. The comorbid conditions can have an effect on the effectiveness of therapies and interventions, so it is important to get these diagnosed so that kiddos get the most out of their treatment. However, this can prove to be somewhat difficult due to the fact that these conditions can present themselves at any time in the child’s development even into adulthood.

It has been a real challenge for us to discover the other conditions Maddox struggles with. It is so important to do so that we can tailor his therapy and treatment plan. I won’t go too much in detail in this post about all of the comorbid conditions, nor will I go through ALL of them in the coming days. However, in the coming days through posts and my blog I will talk about the conditions that affect Maddox and HOW they affect him. Stay tuned...ciao for now...💙

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