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Monica Walker

Posted on November 30 2017

Ever since I was a young child, I have been a natural creator.  I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, when all of my friends were playing and getting their faces painted at the school fair in 2nd grade, I obtained a booth and sat there all day selling the jewelry I made in my mom's oven.

I have never been one to be satisfied with a 9-5 job.  Something was always 2006 I started a photography business.  I was completely self taught, I committed myself to hours and hours of education, reading books, online courses, photographing friends and their children for free and losing money photographing new clients.  I was absolutely committed to being the best photographer I could be.  I created a fairly successful business, successful meaning I turned a profit after about a year or so.  I would photograph kids, family, seniors, weddings, etc.  During this time, I got married (2008) and we had our first child, a boy Marcus Charles (2010).  I continued with my photography business...continuing to grow it.  We then had our second child, another boy Maddox Alex (2011).  It was no secret I REALLY wanted a girl (disclaimer - I am so happy to have my baby boy).  I wanted to buy cute baby girl clothes, have a shopping buddy when she got older, shop for a prom dress, plan a wedding, etc, etc.  Oh well, I can try again for a girl right?!?

Well, life threw us for a loop in September of 2013, when our second baby boy was diagnosed with Autism.  I knew something was different early 2013 and pretty much knew on April 15, 2013.  We got the formal diagnosis September 26, 2013.  Life changed after that, he was non-verbal (still is) so he required more care, therapy, etc.  I could no longer spend 8 hours photographing a wedding or taking full weekends to do photo sessions.  I still photograph, I love it, but I needed to find another outlet for my creativity and my drive to be an entrepreneur. In 2013 I opened my first Etsy shop, it was called Graphic Therapy, where I sold digital papers, clip art and party printables. Since my son had so many therapy appointments, I decided I needed some therapy of my own. It was a way for me to stay creative and entrepreneurial, but to be able to be home and do it. From there I opened quite a few other Etsy shops, the most successful and notable Charles Alex Design (custom invitations and party printables), Love Inked & Love Inked NOLA (graphic shirts), Charles Alex at Home (customizable home decor & baby blankets) and The Instant Party Planner (DIY downloadable Party printables). I am ready to bring all of those shops together here at Charles Alex and expand into adding those oh so cute baby girl clothes I never could buy for my own babies, women's clothes and so much more! Making Charles Alex the one stop online boutique for busy women. Especially busy mom's like me!!

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